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Biometric Access Control A-Area Locksmith

A-Area Locksmith provides the most advanced and state-of-the-art biometric access control (BAC) systems on the Tampa Bay locksmith market. Our BAC systems can be used to track and monitor groups of people or individuals. They also allow for full access control and identity access management. Also, our BAC systems can implement various means to recognize or detect a person based on unique traits such as fingerprints.

A-Area Locksmith offers a pin-less fingerprint reader that does not require a pin pass code. It allows you to manage and program over a thousand users by simply using a remote programmer. We provide an online fingerprint reader that can detect up to 4000 unique fingerprints with template management being handled centrally using the provided software. However, if you do not wish to use biometric compatible computers, we also provide a standalone model that can be programmed to detect up to 300 unique fingerprints directly from the fingerprint reader itself. Furthermore, we provide a fingerprint verification reader that uses post-it patches and a smart card. That is, it will only allow access if both the smart card and fingerprint are verified at once, allowing for dual security measures.

A-Area Locksmith installs biometric door locks that incorporate multi-core detection technology. Our cylindrical fingerprint locks are battery operated and are installed as standalone locks, or can be hardwired and incorporated into a system. Furthermore, they can detect fake fingerprints using algorithmic analysis, electrostatic capacity, and optical features such as infrared lighting.

ADA complient hardware available

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