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“Electromagnetic Locks: Better than the traditional method?”

It has been said by many locksmiths, both who own their own companies and who work for bigger locksmith moguls, that the traditional type of latching locks is safer and more effective than electric locking mechanisms, and that ease of use applies only to these “oldschool” methods. Latching hardware is viewed this way due to the fact that it is what these locksmiths have been working with for nearly their entire careers. Electric and electromagnetic locking mechanisms joined the locksmith scene no more than a decade or so ago, and since their introduction, an aversion to the electronic access systems has become more and more prominent.

A-Area Locksmith does not share this aversion. While there are areas of the industry which choose electromagnetic locks as their first choice of lock type in their work, our company bases the decision of whether to use traditional latching hardware versus electromagnetic on both client preference and the need for ease of use and high security. Electromagnetic locks are different from traditional locks in that they use magnetism to create a bond between the major components of the lock. This system can be either more or less secure than traditional mechanisms depending on the installation, of which A-Area Locksmith is expert. Also, it is important to note that the locking ability of an electromagnetic lock is dependent upon the amount of power being applied to the electromagnet. Removing power will unlock the door, which is why we install battery backup in order to maintain the door being locked. Another important characteristic of electronic access is that in commercial establishments, the lock is installed at the top of the doorframe. Visitors are able to be buzzed in through the electronic access, which will allow you to decide who comes into your business. These locks can be added to nearly any door with minimal prep and in most cases can be removed and reassigned if need be; for example, we can help move your electronic locks to a new location if your business moves.

There are two different kinds of electronic access locking devices, and they are electromagnetic and electromechanical. Electromagnetic devices include electromagnetic locks, and shear locks. Electromechanical devices include modified latching hardware such as electrified exit devices and electrified cylindrical locks. Our locksmiths are well-versed in both kinds, and are always willing to speak to our clients about the differences between traditional locks and electromagnetic access. Both of these methods are high security and have ease of use. In conclusion, electromagnetic locks are neither better nor worse than the “oldschool” latching mechanisms.

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