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However, A-Area Locksmith never compromises security and sturdiness for profits. In fact, we install locks that incorporate several different security features, including dual-factor authentication and security tokens. In addition, our locksmith uses only the latest technology to install the sturdiest and most secure locks and locking mechanisms. We also provide lock repairs and aesthetic and build enhancements, as well as providing lock-sets, electronic lock and key control systems and access control mechanisms depending on your needs.
It is important to note that the type of lock or lock system that one needs will depend on the intrinsic or extrinsic value that the object or person that needs protecting has for them. We provide services for a diverse array of clients at differing price points. Moreover, we always consult with our clients beforehand to discuss the pros and cons of the different systems we offer to properly assess their needs.

What We Do

A-Area Locksmith currently provides services for 4 different sectors in the Tampa Bay Area, namely the transport, forensic, commercial, and residential sectors. We provide key cutting and replacement services, combination changes, sensor and peephole installations, and several other locksmith services. We also service the needs of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Whether you need to crack a safe because you forgot the combination or need the most high-tech and reliable security system on the market, A-Area Locksmith will always deliver. And that is our iron-clad guarantee.

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